About Us

A leading eco-friendly product manufacturer who makes our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, society and environment smile.

Our Mission

To promote the Eco friendly environment which are absolutely chemical free.

Our Plan

To manufacture and export of Bio products to Experience the organic things.

Our Vision

To bring awareness in the global market and to support "GO GREEN".

We are in the business of eco friendly products in the industry for the past 3 years. We have a basic motive of promoting the Eco friendly environment. In the way of implementing that we are involved in the manufacturing and exporting of Bio products. By the way of promoting the bio friendly product usage, we are also employing people from rural areas for a fair wage.

We engage in manufacturing, supplying and exporting premium quality plates, trays and other dishes made from Areca Palm leaves. Our process is 100% natural and free from any harmful chemicals. What sets palm dish apart is the fact that, absolutely no trees are harmed in the process of manufacturing our products. We only use fallen leaves from Palm Trees and are completely compostable and bio-degradable.

Services & Quality

We have sophisticated customised pressing machines in our factory producing the eco leaf plates, Special purpose machines for cleaning, trimming, packing and dedicated material handling & storage equipment to handle the products safe and hygiene in every stage of production.


The quality of our products are very unique and best in the Global market.

Quality Assurance

We always ensure that only the good quality products are passing through the final stages and reach the Customer.

Microbiological testing

Our Products have no presence of E.coli and clean from any other micro-organisms and safe for food contact.

Presence of heavy metals testing

The results show the heavy metal presence is below detectable level and safe for food contact.

Sensory & Migration Test

Our products passes the test and fit for food contact both dry and liquid foods.

Biodegradability and Compostability testing

The results show that the Areca leaf product is completely biodegradable and Compostable in nature.

Our Products

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1535, Periyar Samaduvapuram, Kaludur(Vil), Tittagudi (TK), Cuddalore - 606304, Tamilnadu, India

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+91 9025349597

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